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Walk Against Family Violence: Collective activism

VincentCare employees joined the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence in the Walk Against Family Violence on 24 November.

In a powerful display of solidarity, this collective activism, held in Melbourne CBD (Naarm), Victoria, demonstrated our commitment to preventing and eliminating family violence, and raising awareness around the challenges faced by victim-survivors.

Our VincentCare teams intimately understand the far-reaching consequences of these challenges. The walk was more than just a symbolic gesture. It was a proactive stance, advocating for a society characterised by safety, equality and mutual respect. By joining the walk, we aimed to amplify our collective voice against family violence, standing in solidarity with victim-survivors and advocating for prevention efforts.

In the heart of the 16 Days of Activism, our collective voice grows stronger. The Walk Against Family Violence was not merely a moment in time – it was a collective assertion that our community stands united against gender-based violence.

As we continue our journey through the 16 Days of Activism, let us continue to stand strong, speak out and work collectively to create a future where violence is eradicated and every individual can live free from the fear of harm. 

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