Financial counselling

Free and confidential financial counselling.

The Financial Counselling service assists people experiencing financial difficulty by providing information, advice and advocacy. Financial counsellors work with you to find a solution and assist you in relieving financial stress.

If you are experiencing problems with debt collectors, loans, credit, consumer leases, buy now-pay later arrangements, mortgages, pay day loans, tax debts, Centrelink debts, gas, electricity, water, phone and internet bills, fines and infringements, superannuation or insurance, have a chat with our financial counsellor to find out about your options.

A financial counsellor can help with:

  • Assessing your overall financial situation.
  • Accessing grants and concessions.
  • Providing advice on what to do if you are having difficulties paying bills, fines or debts.
  • Assisting with prioritising debts.
  • Giving information about the options available to you regarding debt with creditors.
  • Advocating to financial institutions on your behalf (when necessary).
  • Giving information about the legal processes of debt collection and bankruptcy.
  • Making a complaint with an Ombudsman service.

Financial counsellors are free, confidential, non-judgemental and independent. The Financial Counselling service does not lend money or provide emergency relief.

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