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VincentCare provides services and programs for people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and disadvantage.

We work collaboratively with men, women, families, young people and those who are ageing.

Our reach extends throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria. We encourage the people we work with to be active in the process of stabilisation, and we continue to support them every step of the way to recovery.

If you're not sure where to start, VincentCare can help you. Our services range from housing and homelessness programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family violence services, financial counselling, health and wellbeing to reconnecting people to their communities, supported employment and outreach services for young people, adults, families and CALD communities.


Inner Melbourne Community Hub

Ozanam House
- Crisis and Accommodation Services
- Ozanam Catering
- Volunteer Program

Ozanam Community Centre
- Initial Assessment and Planning
- Drop In Program
- Meals Service
- Client Volunteer Program
- Visiting Services
- Planned activity groups
- Financial Counselling, Material Aid and Financial Capability
- Planned Activity Program

Case Management Services
- Outreach to community clients
- Women’s Early Intervention Program
- Intensive case management

Home Care Packages

Alcohol and Other Drugs Services
- Quin House
- Reconstructing Life after Dependency (RLAD)
- Brief Intervention Program
- Substance Treatment and Recovery (STAR)

Seniors Living

- VincentCare Wellbeing Centre

Social Enterprises Hub

- Ozanam Enterprises

Northern Community Hub

Accommodation Services

- Initial Assessment and Planning
- Tenancy and Property Management
- Transitional Housing Management
- Sunbury Gardens
- Independent Living Units

Family Violence Services

- Olive's Place

Support Services

- Access & Support Program
- Accommodation Options for Families
- Community Capacity Building and Counselling Services
- Community Connections Program
- Crisis Support Service

Young Adults Support Services

- Diversity Program
- Counselling Service
- First Response Initiative
- Intensive Support Services
- Outreach Support Service
- Transitional Housing Management Program
- Private Rental Brokerage Program
- Young Adults Private Rental Entry Program
- Youth Justice Community Support Service
- Youth Justice Homeless Assistance

Volunteer Program

Substance Treatment and Recovery (STAR)

Home Care Packages



Hume Community Hub

Family Violence Services (Marian Community)

Emergency Relief

Finacial Counselling

Home Care Packages