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Programs and Services

Youth Justice Homeless Assistance (YJHA) provides a referral and linkage service to young people aged 16-25 years old where it has been determined that they are likely to be homeless on exit from custody.

The Youth Justice Homeless Assistance program assists young people to exit the Youth Justice Centres and to be linked to homelessness services across Victoria.

YJHA aims to prevent young people unnecessarily remaining in custody because of a lack of support around housing and links to homelessness services. The program engages young people in the Youth Justice Centres where it has been determined that the young person will be homeless on exit from custody.

YJHA can also provide referrals to homeless services as well as homeless advice and general housing assistance to young people within the youth justice centres. YJHA can provide six weeks intensive interim response for young people who are released on remissions.  YJHA can assist the young person to be linked to homelessness services and other support services within six weeks of being released.


  • Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre
  • Parkville Youth Justice Precinct
  • Youth Justice
  • IA&P Statewide


To be eligible for the Youth Justice Homeless Assistance program, the application must be:

  • Aged 16-25 years
  • Sentenced or on remand

YJHA are unable to work with young people that are returning to their families.

YJHA may not work with young people on guardianship/custody orders where Child Protection will determine accommodation arrangements on release.


Referrals to the Youth Justice Homeless Assistance are only sent from the Youth Justice Centre. Youth Justice Unit Coordinators or Youth Justice Custodial staff can refer eligible clients to Youth Justice Homeless Assistance.

YJHA is not open to external agencies.


Address: 175 Glenroy Road, Glenroy 3046
Phone: (03) 9304 0100
Fax: (03) 9304 0102