Housing and homelessness

Housing and Homelessness


There are a number of community and government agencies that can help you find support if you are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

An Access Point is the first step in finding help. Community organisations are designated access points for assisting people depending on where they are located. To receive assistance from an An Access Point in your area call the Housing and Homelessness Support Line on 1800 825 955. Once you have been assessed, you will be referred to the programs that are best suited to your needs.

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Housing options

There are many housing options available including; share housing, supported accommodation, and community housing for people living on low or fixed incomes.  VincentCare's Housing Fact Sheets provide information on the various types of housing available to best suit your needs.  


Fact Sheets

Share houses
Rooming houses
Private rental
Private ownership
Public housing
Community housing
Crisis accommodation
Transitional housing
Supported accommodation