Dedicated to delivering services to the disadvantaged

Over 300 people have made the commitment to be part of the VincentCare team providing high quality services to people experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities and men and women struggling with complex needs including substance abuse and mental health issues.

VincentCare currently employ 305 staff, 50 of whom are supported employees and are spread across Victoria from Mornington to Melbourne CBD to Shepparton.

Committed to social justice, our diverse and engaged staff advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in Victoria.

Integral to the VincentCare work practice is respect for a client’s dignity and an openness to understand a client’s needs in order to provide support and encouragement.

As an organisation VincentCare is extremely lucky to also count 258 volunteers as part of their growing team. Assisting with tasks as varied as meals service to art therapy to acupuncture, in 2015 alone our volunteers provided 25,000+ hours of service to support our work.