Services for people facing disadvantage

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For more than 60 years, Ozanam House in North Melbourne has sheltered and supported the city’s most disadvantaged people.  Ozanam House has been an integral part of Melbourne’s response to homelessness.

In April 2017, VincentCare Victoria commenced a $47 million project to demolish Ozanam House to make way for VincentCare’s new Inner Melbourne Hub, a world-class modern and safe location where men, women and children experiencing homelessness are given every opportunity to access housing, health and social support services over an extended period of time, relevant to their individual needs.

VincentCare’s new redevelopment will provide 134 short, medium and long term dwellings for Victoria’s homeless and provision of support on a daily basis for up to 250 additional people in our Homelessness Resource Centre.

Our flexible accommodation options will provide different floor plans suitable for short, medium and long-term placements. All will include separate bathroom facilities and storage facilities, and some will include separate kitchenettes allowing for privacy and self-sufficiency.

The facility will also include a co-located Homeless Resource Centre, which will meet the immediate physical and psychological needs of men and women experiencing homelessness.  This includes:

  • A homeless Drop In Program
  • Health Services
  • Case Management and Counselling
  • Participation Programs

Our Plan and Timeline

Our new purpose built accommodation facility and integrated Homeless Resource Centre is expected to be complete by December 2018, and will provide people with sustainable and supported housing options and most importantly pathways to a permanent exit from homelessness.

We have secured the land, planning permits and $40m in major funding contributions to date towards this redevelopment from Government, private funders and equity release. Funds committed to date will fund the construction of our crisis, medium-term and long-term accommodation facility component of the redevelopment. 

Our major demolition, construction work and accommodation fit out will occur between April 2017 and September 2018 with the funds already raised and committed.

You can be part of the solution to homelessness in Melbourne

We invite you to help VincentCare Victoria make this vital accommodation and Homeless Resource Centre for the most disadvantaged people in Melbourne a reality.

VincentCare Victoria needs to raise a further $7m by December 2018, for the full fit out of our co-located Homeless Resource Centre at the redevelopment site which will enable us to truly bring our vision of integrated housing and support services to life.

With additional funds raised from the broader community, the internal fit out of the Homeless Resource Centre component of the project will be completed between September and December 2018.

With an estimated 1300 people currently experiencing homelessness in Melbourne’s CBD, and more than 200 of these people sleeping rough on Melbourne streets each night, the need for additional accommodation options, and innovation in the provision of homelessness support services has never been more urgent.

VincentCare Victoria’s redevelopment in North Melbourne is a once in a multi-generation opportunity to respond tangibly and effectively to the changing needs of the most disadvantaged people living in inner Melbourne today.

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How can I get involved or support this redevelopment?

VincentCare Victoria is seeking individuals, schools and organisations to help us raise the additional funds we need to complete our integrated accommodation and support service redevelopment.

You can raise funds in your workplace, at school or through a local community event or you can donate to VincentCare directly online:

All financial gifts of $1,000 or more will be listed on a plaque in the main entrance of our new facility.

If you would like to support this important project now or in 2018, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Shannon Anderson 03 9611 9257 for a discussion.