Services for people facing disadvantage


Our Mandate

VincentCare was established to extend the Christian mission of the St Vincent de Paul Society to support and advocate on behalf of the most disadvantaged Victorians.

Our Aspiration

To be the leader in providing care, hope and advocacy for those facing disadvantage.

Our Purpose

To create opportunities and lasting change for the most marginalised

  • Support individuals and their families so that their basic needs are met in terms of food, shelter, safety and security;
  • Provide access to programs and pathways that strengthen an individual’s resilience and support them in accessing opportunities within their communities; and
  • Advocate and build capacity in order to redress the structural inequalities in the community that create disadvantage

VincentCare Victoria is committed to expressing Christian love by embedding the following values in its culture:

  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Dignity

Our Motto

People, Place… Purpose



People are central to everything VincentCare does – our purpose, vision, mission and values. We work with individuals who are experiencing or are at risk of primary homelessness, including those who are ageing – we serve to provide food, shelter, care, support, guidance and encouragement.


Adequate housing and related rights are encompassed in the major International Human Rights treaties. VincentCare advocates for these rights supporting the premise that a stable home provides the best environment for people to experience a sense of freedom, personal control, privacy, dignity, grow relationships and belong to a community.


VincentCare recognises that people experiencing homelessness may present with a range of other complex factors, including those relating to drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, disability, behavioural issues and chronic health problems.