Services for people facing disadvantage

VincentCare Victoria’s services are organised into Hubs. Each Hub comprises a different mix of accommodation and services driven by the needs of the catchment populations.

Inner Melbourne Community Hub: An accommodation and service hub which provides a range of accommodation options.

Northern Community Hub: A hub with housing dispersed throughout the community and services provided with partner agencies utilising an outreach model of support.

Hume Community Hub: Located in Shepparton this Hub provides support to people experiencing financial hardship and women and their children who are experiencing, or have experienced family violence.

Social Enterprises Hub: Incorporating Ozanam Enterprises in Carrum Downs with a focus on creating both assisted and open employment opportunities, education and training opportunities for clients.

VincentCare Victoria’s Central Office, which supports each of the Hubs, is responsible for the administrative tasks involved in the day to day running of the organisation.

VincentCare’s Homelessness Recovery Model

Recovering from an experience of homelessness can be a long, complex and traumatising journey. VincentCare’s Homelessness Recovery Model is the culmination of over three years of intensive work and research by the Quality team. It incorporates the principles of VincentCare’s service continuum – Crisis, Recovery, Growth – with the aim to better support the people it cares for in a holistic way that meets their varied needs.

With the additional aid of a learning and development strategy, the model will produce positive and sustainable client, resident, and organisational outcomes through a comprehensive and integrated range of programs, services, and accommodation options to support people through the journey to achieve their goals and aspirations through the Homelessness Recovery Model’s Four Pillars.

The Four Pillars
Engagement, Coordination, Case Management and Participation

The Client Engagement Framework ensures that staff and volunteers have the skills and experience to provide quality services with a compassionate approach while working to improve the lives of people who are marginalised, sleeping rough, or living in sub-standard housing.

VincentCare’s Homelessness Recovery Case Management Services uses a system that is focused on engagement, reconnection, and recovery to customise services based on a person’s duration of homelessness, working towards their stability and independence.

So that each client is given a timely and informed response, the Client Coordination System is comprised of consistent and thorough screening and assessment tools, and internal and external service coordination to add a further level of client care.

The Client Participation Framework assists people to reconnect with their communities and enables social inclusion to move towards recovery and growth with the support of those around them.

VincentCare’s Homelessness Recovery Model maximises choice and acknowledges diversity while creating a sense of hope for the future for the most marginalised and disadvantaged members of our community.