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Submission - Residential Tenancies Act Review

VincentCare made a submission to the first phase of the Residential Tenancies Act Review – the Laying the Groundwork Consultation Paper. VincentCare’s submission made 19 recommendations addressing the need to increase clients’ access to safe, affordable and secure accommodation. Excerpt from our submission

“The lack of housing is a severe detriment to the lives of too many Victorians. The inability to gain and maintain safe, stable and secure accommodation is a severe impediment for anyone to achieve a productive life and experience human dignity. Most of our clients are challenged to achieve safe, stable and secure accommodation, as they have life-long experiences of deep intergenerational disadvantage, interpersonal violence and trauma, relationship breakdown, mental illness, substance abuse and social and economic exclusion. Most of our clients’ only chances of housing ‘success’ will be as tenants, not as purchasers or owners of their dwellings. Therefore, the regulatory environment needs to ensure that all forms of tenancy – public, community housing and private rental – include a sufficiently wide safety net to stop people from being homeless and prevent people from becoming homeless.”


Trauma and Homelessness Initiative

1 May 2014

The Trauma and Homelessness Initiative has been a two year research and resource development project of four partners  - Sacred Heart Mission (lead agency) VincentCare Victoria, Inner South Community Health Services and Mind Australia.

The four stage research included an extensive literature review, staff focus groups, initial qualitative interviews with 20 clients and 115 in-depth interviews using a variety of validated tools to create a scientifically robust description and analysis of the relationship between people’s experiences of trauma throughout their lives and their experiences of chronic homelessness.

Three documents were generated by the project.

The Final Report is the totality of the investigative, research phase of the project.

The Service Framework provides an explanatory model of the relationship between trauma and long term homelessness and a rationale for the integrated provision of trauma-specific  services within the homelessness sector.

The Worker Guide Book is a detailed exploration of the way in which more effective an trauma-sensitive responses can be made to individuals even where there is little time to do so. It provides a practical staged approach to meeting the needs of people who may be wishing to disclose their trauma, placing the person at the centre and upholding their psychological safety.

If you have further questions please contact the Social Policy and Research Unit on 9611 9206.

Please note: All intellectual property (including copyright) in the Tool is owned or licensed by the controlling parties (Sacred Heart Mission, Inner South Community Health Services, MIND Australia, VincentCare Victoria and Australian Centre for Post Truamatic Mental Health).  The controlling parties grants the person or organisation (the user) who downloads or accesses the documents the non-exclusive right to use the material for staff development and practice improvement  in a service delivery setting as well as education and training.   The user acknowledges that all rights and title in the intellectual property in the materials (including copyright) vest absolutely in the controlling parties. On-selling, renting, sub-licensing or any commercial use of the material in whole or partial form, through any form of media is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the controlling parties.

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