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Targeting homelessness and disadvantage

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Australia’s housing system is broken. But there are five things our government can do to make it work for everyone.

There is a shortage of secure, social and affordable, rental homes. And more and more people are slipping through the net and ending up homeless.

Everybody’s Home has united the community housing, social and homelessness sectors behind a plan to fix the national housing system so that everybody has a home.

This is why VincentCare has joined the Everybody's Home campaign. All Australians can work together to call on our government to implement the solutions needed to ensure everyone has a home.



Everybody's Home is campaigning for:

  1. Support for first homebuyers - to rebalance our tax system to make it fairer for ordinary Australians wanting to buy a home.
  2. More social and affordable rental homes – develop a National Housing Strategy to meet Australia’s identified shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable rental homes. We need more homes for local communities, not for profits.
  3. A better deal for renters - get rid of “no grounds” evictions and unfair rent rises so that the 1 in 3 Australians who rent have the security they need to create homes, build lives and raise families.
  4. Immediate relief for Australians in chronic rental stress - increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance for the thousands of Australians who are struggling to pay the rent.
  5. A plan to end homelessness by 2030 - with real effort we can halve homelessness in five years - and end it in 10.

Join the campaign

You too can join the campaign at You will receive updates and opportunities to take action that will have a real impact.