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VincentCare is proud to be a diverse organisation and we want to wish a Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating today.

Over the past two weeks, our art therapy group has taken part in lantern making workshops, and this morning Client Volunteer Garry and Community Volunteer Evie decorated the Ozanam Community Centre (OCC) Dining Room with a colourful lantern display.

Distributing red envelopes is a tradition carried out in Chinese culture to celebrate the Lunar New Year and is a symbol of good luck. Red envelopes, with a small gift inside, were distributed to all clients at OCC and Ozanam House with lunch today, and an explanation of the tradition was provided with the gift.

The Client Volunteer program (CVP) team also put together a horoscope activity for clients so they could work out their Chinese Zodiac animal and collect their horoscope for the year.

Pictured below is VincentCare client Michael collecting his horoscope for the year of the dog!


Michael Horoscope activity      Red envelopes