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My name is Amy Huang and I have been volunteering at VincentCare's Northern Hub in Glenroy for 11 months and I’m now volunteering at Quin House until February 2017.

I am currently in my third year of a double degree of social work and psychology at RMIT University. Previously I had completed a diploma of graphic design and had been doing web design for 3 years, when I decided to change my career and completed a diploma of community welfare.

In the second year of my degree I decided to look for some work experience and at the same time this volunteering position was advertised online. I started volunteering in November 2015 for one or two shifts a week and finished up volunteering with IAP team at Glenroy this September.  I’ve now started my placement working with the Intake Team at Quin House for another 70 days. It is amazing opportunity to see how the residents lives improve after the rehab program.

Through placement time with Quin and RLAD I have seen how people who were once in crisis develop and grow in this journey. I am learning and growing with the residents through this placement. 

I am hungry for some practical work experience and I want to learn and build my career. After a few months into the volunteering I could see the positive changes showing in my academic results and personal life. It’s also amazing to see the wonderful works people do here, and how it changes many lives for better.

The team is amazing, very respectful, supportive and always willing to share their knowledge. They make me feel I am part of the team and once my supervisor called me after her holiday, just to thank me for the hard work.

I used to think homelessness is only the people from street, but now I have learnt they can be anyone, and being homeless can happen to anyone. Workers here treat all clients with respect and dignity and trying all they could to help.

VincentCare are truly committed to their values ‘Courage, Leadership, Accountability, Compassion, Excellence, Dignity’. The team is always there to do the best they can.