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“I just like to help other people and at my age, and in good health I like to spend my time helping people who are not so fortunate.” 


Frank Hurley cropped

Frank Hurley has done his fair share of helping over the years. This month (March) Frank will be celebrating his 92nd birthday.

Frank’s enthusiasm for helping people is evident in his energy and passion for volunteering. His years of volunteer work with VincentCare are invaluable. Until last year, Frank was also president of the Oak Park St Vincent De Paul conference, and today he’s still a very active member of the Conference, volunteering in the Vinnies shop and doing house calls Monday to Friday.

Back in 1979 Frank was working at the Taxation office, when he first went to Ozanam House on a Tuesday evening with a colleague. Frank says as the homeless sector has developed and evolved he has seen the role of volunteers change over the decades.

“Back then we’d help the guys and have their clothes fumigated, then issue them with PJs, a dressing gown and thongs before they went off to shower and sleep. We used to have to mop the floors back then too.”

Now Frank and his team of volunteers help with kitchen duties; everything from preparing, serving and cleaning up the daily meal service.

Frank doesn’t plan stopping anytime soon.

“As long as I’m fit enough I’ll keep it up” he says.

“My old friend John has been volunteering for 36 years, I've only done 33 years, so I have to keep going to beat him!” he says with a smile.