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"I’ve worked in social services for almost forty years but nothing compares to my experience working as the Drop In Coordinator at Ozanam Community Centre."


being down

The day usually starts out the same; we check who’s in, have our morning briefing and check scheduled services and appointments.

But once the doors open at 9am, the day really starts. Every day is different, you can’t get bored. Our busy time is from 11am.,I’m responsible for the safety of clients and we get a large volume of people; usually around 140 to around 200 people on busy days.

As well as providing support to clients, we try to engage with clients on a personal level. You’ll often see support staff playing scrabble or pool with the clients when they get a chance.

I work closely with the nurse, visiting services and other case managers. We want clients to be well supported and I have made it my business to build relationship. We want the best for the client.

Having previously worked in case management, I understand where clients are coming from.  They often tell me I’m like a mum and that they can talk to me.

Challenges present when clients who rely on the service as a life support need to be excluded because of their behaviour. However despite these occurrences, we often see positive outcomes. Clients will get a job, housing, little things like getting proper glasses, or they come back and thank you for listening.

They develop trust with us and know we won’t judge. Lots of lovely people come here and our clients are comfortable here. It’s amazing to think about all the services we provide.

It’s a wonderful environment.