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Erin is a Support Worker with the Brief Intervention Program, supporting clients experiencing alcohol and other drug related issues.


client story erin

“The Brief Intervention Program (BIP) exists so we can support clients of the Inner Melbourne Community Hub (IMCH) who are thinking of changing their alcohol and drug use. Utilising opportunistic engagement, we support people to navigate the alcohol and drug referral process and provide immediate harm minimizing strategies and containment while they’re waiting to engage with longer term services” says Erin.

“Workers across the IMCH can refer clients to our program and we also provide secondary consultation with other workers.”

“We run a peer support group where people come together, speak and support each other around their common issues, and we also facilitate a weekly activity/outing such as going to the movies, fishing, golf, visiting national parks.“

The program is growing every month,” says Erin. “I see the clients change through empowerment when they know what their options are; the program provides that support to them. It’s a really different way of working with this client group.”