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Annual Report 2016

I was struck when presented with the theme of this year’s Annual Report – Moments that Change Lives – as to how many of us could look back and pinpoint an exact moment in our lives where something changed forever?

Our clients come to us from a variety of backgrounds and with varying issues. Their strength and resilience in overcoming significant disadvantage will ultimately be made up of a series of moments, often supported by a committed staff member or volunteer, which will change their lives forever.

I have no doubt that each and every day across VincentCare there are moments that have a positive impact on our clients and change lives. I would like to thank our Board members for their vision, leadership and professionalism, our dedicated staff and volunteers whose efforts continue to make a vital difference to those most in need – the moments have been many and the achievements throughout the year have been significant.


Strategic Plan


VincentCare is well equipped to provide a continuum of services that most effectively meet the needs of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Strategic Directions 2015-2018 looks outwards, to ensure that VincentCare is aligned with, and prepared for, the changing external environment in which we operate.

Some of the key external drivers that have informed the development of Strategic Directions 2015-2018 include:

  • Consumer directed support: empowering clients to define their aspirations will best position VincentCare in a consumer directed environment and contribute to improved outcomes for clients.
  • Government and sector reform: across the human services sector, wide ranging reform agendas have been introduced to drive efficiencies in the way that services are delivered to provide more comprehensive, integrated and outcomes focused
    supports for vulnerable people.
  • A changing workforce profile: attracting and retaining skilled and committed employees aligned to our values, is a key strategic priority for VincentCare moving forward.

The development of Strategic Directions 2015-2018 has been undertaken through extensive planning and consultation by the Board, Senior Management Team and staff from across the organisation. I have appreciated the expertise and commitment of all those who have contributed to its development and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead in the implementation of our new strategic direction.

John Blewonski

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2015-2018 Key Strategies