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Dedicated Ozanam Enterprises employee Cameron McKay has received a prestigious award from VincentCare Victoria.

Ozanam Enterprises is VincentCare Victoria’s Australian Disability Enterprise, which has been committed to improving the lives of people with disability in the Mornington community since 1976. It focuses on creating both assisted and open employment opportunities, along with education and training opportunities for all employees.


Ozanam Enterprises is contracted by various businesses and organisations to undertake manual services including packing and packaging of products, assembly of stock, shrink wrapping and labelling.

Given the different capabilities of employees, additional personal development training is often provided in areas such as cooking, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, computer usage and home safety.

The organisation is well known for providing long-term and supportive employment, with a number of employees attaining over 20 years of service.

Cameron, who has been employed by Ozanam Enterprises for over 15 years, received VincentCare Victoria’s Adding Value Award, as part of the organisation’s Annual Excellence Awards.

VincentCare CEO John Blewonski said Cameron was a worthy recipient of the Award, and a highly valued member of the Ozanam Enterprises team.

“The Adding Value Award recognises the dedication of staff to making a difference to the organisation; they are a person who makes others’ lives easier, better or happier,” said Mr Blewonski.

“Cameron lives with a disability but proves daily that it is not a barrier for him whilst actively encouraging others to believe the same.

“Cameron is considered a great asset through his exceptional work ethic, positive influence and his ability to create a vibrant, welcoming and supportive work environment. Our team at Ozanam Enterprises do a fantastic job and I believe it is through the positive leadership of employees such as Cameron that makes it such a fulfilling place to work.

“His talent in public speaking leads him to talk to local students about what it means to live with a disability and the importance of being treated just the same as everyone else, despite that.

“Cameron is also a great believer in the work of Ozanam Enterprises and VincentCare, and will always put up his hand to be involved in any promotional activities we undertake.”

Mr Blewonski said Cameron regularly starts early and goes the extra mile to ensure the correct stock is loaded, work is completed and quality is high.

“He is multi-skilled and is able to train other supported employees and work unsupervised. His contribution and attitude is continually inspirational and he is held in very high regard by everyone at Ozanam Enterprises.”

Cameron said he was very surprised to have won the award, as nine others from the organisation were also nominated.

“To have my name read out felt amazing, and I had to pinch myself to realise what was happening. I felt so proud of myself, and my fellow colleagues were proud of me too.”

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