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Levant Koca receiving the Kangan Institute Student of the Year award from Trevor Schwenke, CEO and Peter Harmsworth, Board Chair.

VincentCare is working collaboratively with educational institutions to offer vocational placements under a Student Placement pilot program.

The pilot was designed to create a workforce pipeline for VincentCare and improve the work-readiness and employment outcomes for people entering the homelessness and community sector.

During the 18-month pilot period (July 2016-December 2018), 17 students successfully completed placement within a VincentCare program relevant to their qualification; and seven of those students (41%) secured employment with VincentCare after their placement ended.

The 41% conversion rate from student to employee is a fantastic result and the pilot’s success has seen Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) established with RMIT, Kangan Institute and Melbourne Polytechnic; additional MoUs are currently in progress with Victoria University, Australian Catholic University and University of Melbourne.

Levent Koca graduated from Kangan Institute in 2017 with a Diploma in Community Services. He undertook his placement at VincentCare’s Northern Community Hub and now works full-time in the Young Adults Support Team.

“I was fortunate enough to get a placement at VincentCare,” Levent said, “and that really helped me get a thorough understanding of the industry. I couldn’t believe it … two weeks after graduation I got a job offer from VincentCare for an ongoing position. I went from a student to full-time employment in the space of a fortnight, which was just absolutely life changing.”

Levent said he left high school due to bullying and completed Year 11 and 12 at TAFE.

“After I finished that I had a look at other pathways, and a Diploma in Community Services made sense because I’m passionate about helping people.

“The experience with VincentCare really prepared me for the workforce, and through the placement I got to experience a variety of different roles within the organisation.

“For me the Student Placement program has been perfect. It’s about making the most out of every opportunity.”

Visit to find out more about employment opportunities at VincentCare.

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