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VincentCare's Home Care Packages program provide flexible planned packages of care and services to assist older people to continue to live independently in their own home. Home Care Packages are a major component of the aged care sector in Australia. In the past year VincentCare provided 177  Home Care Packages across the State.  

Malcolm is a Home Care Package client who expressed an interest in gardening to his case manager. With her support and funding through his package, Malcolm has built a garden bed and planted his own vegetables.

Much has been written about the benefits of gardening, and it’s widely acknowledged that gardening can help reduce the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s, while improving heart health, brain health and may alleviate symptoms of depression and stress.

There are several reasons why gardening is an effective activity to help maintain good mental health; being in nature, feeling connected and the sense of nurturing and responsibility that comes with gardening. It’s also easier to be in the moment when you’re working in the garden.Fresh veggies 300 x 300

One year on and Malcolm is proud to display his hard work. He’s growing strawberries, silver beet, tomatoes and peppers.

Malcolm’s Home Care Package has provided him with the means and motivation to support his goal and on every home visit Malcolm takes his case manager out to his garden to proudly show off his accomplishments.

Malcolm’s hobby is providing him with ongoing physical therapy, greater wellbeing along with delicious fruit and veggies.