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“I was a farm girl all my life, working in the wool mill and on a beef farm and I really enjoyed that life.

I met my husband more than 50 years ago at a dance. He was nice and kind and was interested in me. About two years later we got married, but marriage wasn’t what I expected. I expected friendship and a partner that would understand me and appreciate me and my care for him.

I tried to make him happy, but I just couldn’t.

 He was always cross and angry at me. He would pinch and hit me. To him, everything was always someone else’s fault. He always put me down.116 Sharon 300 x 300

A couple of years ago my daughter suggested calling the police. The police officer came to my house and just asked why I’d put up with it for so long. He said ‘You just have to draw a line in the sand’.

I’m in my 70s now, and I’m not sure I’ll have enough funds to buy a house or if I’ll remain renting, but I finally realised I didn’t want to live like that anymore.

VincentCare have really supported me. I have never had as much support in my life. In the past people have abandoned me. All I want now is to have a peaceful future.”

Family violence is a leading cause of homelessness in Australia. VincentCare offers a range of accommodation options, services and programs to assist individuals and families in metropolitan and regional Victoria – see the Find Help section of our website.

In numbers:

In the last financial year VincentCare provided crisis support and case management to 366 women and 549 accompanying children. One hundred and seven women and 153 children were provided with housing support, including refuge or emergency accommodation.