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“Volunteering at the Collingwood Children’s Farm has been a really positive and popular initiative for our residents who are recovering from alcohol and other drug dependency,” says Conor, a Community Development Worker at VincentCare’s Quin House.


Quin Residents“We’ve recently secured a community garden plot for VincentCare’s residents at Quin House/RLAD and have established a variety of vegetable crops. Our community garden plot provides opportunities to connect to nature and improve health and wellbeing and increases social connectedness. We’ve produced some delicious meals from the garden including a tomato relish and have donated excess produce."

Quin House residents have been really enthusiastic about getting involved and volunteering with the program at the farm.

Friendships have been formed, and residents are enjoying connecting with nature and working cooperatively with each other to maintain the garden and give back to the community.

It’s built confidence, knowledge and skill exchange while cultivating selfempowerment and highlighted the importance of sustainable and healthy living.”

VincentCare’s Alcohol and Other Drugs residential facility, Quin House, has extended its program to offer continued support to people with substance abuse issues as they transition back into the community – called Reconstructing Life after Dependency (RLAD). 

This program complements the work achieved during people’s stay at Quin House and aims to further assist in recovery, giving people an even better chance of managing addiction issues and taking control over decisions that affect their lives and wellbeing.