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When Whitney and Kilowag celebrated the birth of their first child, lack of affordable housing meant that they were living on opposite sides of Melbourne and needed to commute for hours each work day to see one another. 

Kilowag and Whitney

 “We tried to find our own place, but no real estate agent would consider our application. We knew we didn’t stand a chance without a full-time job or a car” says Whitney.

“We knew we had to be together and start a life together with our daughter,” Kilowag says. “I said, ‘we can never give up’.” After several months of trying to secure a private rental and many knock-backs, Whitney contacted VincentCare. “Jimmy, our case manager, turned everything around.

We didn’t have big goals, except for wanting to be together, but couldn’t achieve that on our own.  Jimmy helped us to get a home we could finally call our own.

It means everything to have a home to be with Marlee and for all of us to be a family. To us it’s important to have both of her parents live together and raise her equally so she knows both of her cultures.

Marlee can now have a bit of stability. We can do normal things together, watch TV and eat dinner together and be parents and learn new things every day.

It’s a safe place and a nice place to come to. We are really happy. Without VincentCare and Jimmy, we wouldn’t have a home together and a place to raise a family.” Kilowag has now secured employment closer to home and the couple will welcome their second child in November.