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Lucky Rich is ‘the world's most tattooed person’ according to the Guinness Book of Records, a title he’s held since 2006. A performing artist and street performer Lucky has travelled the world, performing at all the major festivals.

Lucky worlds most tattood person

The highs and lows of that lifestyle eventually led to an addiction to Ice.

“This is the second time I’ve been at Quin House and 6 months at RLAD. My housing wasn’t good, and too many bad things happened at the same time and I ended up using again. The environment was not great, a lot of drug use around me. I was using for 6 months; it was the worst time in my life. I’ve taken a break from everything to get myself back on track. I’m sharing a house through RLAD with two others who are in recovery. We do screens and are committed to staying clean. It’s a transparent and supportive environment.

The difference for me this time is that I’m constantly in contact with the community and the services available at Quin House. I’ve built a routine, one I can take with me when the RLAD program stops. It’s a concrete foundation. I feel really connected now. When you’re on drugs it’s all about disconnect. I had a dysfunctional and traumatic childhood. When you’re brought up in that way, that’s how you build your armour. You come into recovery with that armour, so recovery gives you a chance to change that. I’ve just let it go and said, ‘let’s do it universe!’ I’ve learn a lot of that here at Quin.

Quin saved my life and has given me a life, one worth living. Now I want to use that to help others do the same. There’s no point trying to help other people if I can’t help myself. I’ve completed a Certificate IV in Community Services at Melbourne University. My ultimate goal is to work in the sector. I’m really passionate about the ice problem and I’d like to be a positive change for this ice epidemic.

Anyone who looks like me is going to get attention. I just give people a reason to stare. At first I treated it as a hindrance. Now I see it as a blessing and can invite people in and connect with them. I’m in the Guinness Book of Records so kids think that’s cool and people on the street recognise where I come from. Hopefully my personality and enthusiasm will carry it through.

I truly believe the universe provides and once you’re open to it you connect with that."