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Andy has been coming to Ozanam Community Centre, on and off, for over 17 years. For the last 6 months he’s been receiving a Home Care Package.

Andy Profile

Andy's case worker - Lauren - has been assisting him to get a bed, clothing and shopping for other necessities.

“I’m on the way out; I dunno how much longer I have,” says Andy.

“The security of the home care package is a god bless, it’s with me for life now... I’d be buggered without my Home Care Package.” says Andy who is now living in a place in Brunswick.

“I was in Kuwait in 1998...I’ve been shot 3 times” he says, showing a scar on his ribs. Andy has had four heart attacks, and his medication is now paid for by his home care package. He’s had his spleen removed and in his own words, his liver is “stuffed”.

“I come here for friends and pool and the staff,” he says. “There’s always someone to talk to, some of my mates have left but I come to see the workers, the nurse, have some lunch.”

Among the many stories Andy likes to tell, “Once, someone stole a computer from here (OCC). How do you walk out with a computer and a massive hard drive under your jacket?!” he laughs.

He has two axolotls at home, and talks with interest about the resident eel in the fish pond at OCC.

”I had a blue tongue lizard, a shingle back, a python and scorpions when I was younger. They eat cockroaches and grubs.”

Andy is looking forward to going to Adelaide at Christmas time and visiting his four girls and one boy.

“My twins are 32 now, the other girls are 19 and 18 and my son is 19. He’s a pain in the arse like his old man. My grandkids are 8 and 9.”