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“I would be at a women’s refuge or worse, in the gutter or something terrible if VincentCare hadn’t found me this place”, says Pam.

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It’s been an incredibly hard road for Pam, but she’s now in stable accommodation, close to her community and family. It was a very different story a couple of years ago.

Pam had been working all her adult life, had raised a family and was affording the rent on a house with a garden in Melbourne’s North. However, in her late 50’s her position at work became redundant and she found it impossible to find a new job.

“I was still too young to go on the pension, and I couldn’t receive Newstart until I was down to my last $200 or less.”

It took Pam a while to come to terms with the move.

“I had always lived in a big house, and I loved my garden, but after a terrible experience getting someone in to share, I realised I clearly had to get out of there.”

Leisl, Pam’s case worker from VincentCare, took Pam to see an independent living unit in a neighbouring suburb.

“It’s so small” says Pam, “ I just pretend I’m on a little holiday! But I am very grateful, and I’m close to both my daughters. When I drive out I drive the pretty way, I meander around the lake and I’m thankful to have a home.”

“Last year I had a monumental seizure and again VincentCare assisted me with transport to and from the hospital and Leisl brought me many food packages. Last winter I ate so many baked beans I actually grew to love them” she laughs. “I have even started buying them now!”

“During my entire experience with VincentCare, it’s been great just having their company and I couldn’t have lived without it".

“I have to budget all the time, but I’m so thankful every single day.”

Pam started volunteering at an aged-care facility this year. “I’ve been a volunteer in various fields for much of my adult life and through this I’ve gained much satisfaction and happiness.”