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Julie has lived at Sunbury Gardens for nearly two years. She was previously living in Lancefield, but after having some family troubles she moved out. 

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“I was living in the car, and other places that people live that weren’t very nice at all,” she says.

“I went to the VincentCare office in Glenroy, and told them I had nowhere to go. The receptionist said I might fit the criteria for Sunbury Gardens and arranged for someone to contact me. I had an interview and then I was accepted. It was like a dream come true.”

Julie likes to be active in the community, and takes the bus to the shops which she enjoys.

“It’s also nice to come back and think ‘oh, I’m home’. It’s a nice feeling.”

While it’s a different living environment than what she is used to, she maintains that respecting people’s privacy and space is very important.

“The noise levels can be hard to get used to, and sharing the living rooms and kitchens, but I do my best to respect people’s privacy as much as I can and I expect that in return.”

After living at Sunbury Gardens for nearly two years Julie says her confidence has increased dramatically.

“I’m so happy here. I’m gaining confidence and doing a lot of things on my own now. I go to Centrelink, or to the bank, or go and have a coffee and visit other people."

“I always make an effort to join in on the events that VincentCare organizes, like cooking days, the gardening club and other stuff; it gets you out and about. I’m gaining confidence and now I know that I can do these things myself."