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“Now I have a lot more confidence and self-esteem rather than living day by day”

...says Pete, one of VincentCare’s courageous clients who has worked through the abstinence based Quin House and RLAD programs.

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“When I was at my worst, I was drinking daily, living in a caravan park and I ended up in hospital three times in one week; the doctor was concerned that if I kept going, it was going to be a nasty ending.” Pete had been to a detoxification centre on three previous occasions and had been unable to maintain sobriety. “The thing that really changed it for me,” he says, “was when the doctor said that my liver was going to keel over and die, that I was going to kill myself.”

“I was lucky to stay at the detox centre over Christmas and New Year which is a very tricky period and from there I was able to get into VincentCare’s Quin House program. After three months at Quin and then into RLAD, I’m now in a drug and alcohol free house I share with three other people.

“If it hadn’t been for VincentCare’s programs,” he says, “more than likely I wouldn’t be here. My drinking was daily and I was not in a real good place. It was the right time. Waking up in hospital and not knowing where I was shocked me a little bit.”

About nine months ago, Pete got involved with VincentCare’s Client Volunteer Program. “It’s really good," he says. “I’ve taken a fair bit out of the program so it’s good to give back. It gives me something to do. It’s good to help out people and I know a bit about their situation. I really enjoy it.”

“Essentially it’s doing the dishes for breakfast and lunch, serving breakfast and general clean up and stuff. Eventually I would like to study alcohol and drug counselling. Through the whole system, the counsellors I connected with were the ones who had personal experience. “

Pete also volunteers at the Lost Dog’s Home. “I love animals, you get a bit of exercise and the dogs are happy to see you. The weeks are pretty good.“

“The major thing that I’ve found is that if you want help, it is there; everything from counselling, to medical to getting a feed, a place to live.”

"I don’t think I would have done as well if I hadn’t had the step by step programs. It’s really not going too far to say VincentCare saved my life, if you look back on it. I think that my path through has been perfect really.”

“Now I have a lot more confidence and self-esteem rather than living day by day.”