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Wear it Purple Day 2021

Today marks Wear it Purple Day, an opportunity for rainbow community members and allies to come together to celebrate young queer people.

The power of storytelling and visibility enables our rainbow youth to hear from those who have gone before them, their struggles and triumphs, and know that no matter where they’re at right now, there is so much hope and a million possibilities awaiting them.

This year’s theme – “Start the conversation… keep it going” – reminds us that conversations and storytelling enable our rainbow young people to see themselves represented in the world and understand that, no matter where they’re at right now, they are not alone. Today, and every other day, we strive to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for LGBTIQ young people.

This Wear It Purple Day we encouraged our staff and partners to join us to start a conversation and share their stories. Here are some of the ways they will be celebrating today and continuing the conversations.

Here is a message from our Rainbow Youth who are helping other young people find their place in the LGBTIQ community.

Here is a glimpse of our staff celebrating Wear It Purple Day.

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