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The art of recovery - one day at a time

Over the past few weeks, a group of men from VincentCare Victoria’s Reconstructing Life after Dependency program (RLAD) have completed painting a therapeutic arts project entitled ‘One day at a time’ on the wall of the car park at Jewell Station in Brunswick.

Working with artist Carla Van Laar, the men have used art therapy to depict to the broader community the complexities of being on a journey of recovery from homelessness and dependence to clean living and independence.

With the help of Carla, and the support of RLAD staff, participants took part in a series of workshops to come up with the concept and vision of the journey of recovery. For many participants, it’s the first time they ‘have really felt listened to’ and Conor Sibly, RLAD Community Development Worker couldn’t be prouder.

“The involvement of Quin and RLAD participants from consultation to implementation was inspirational. The project has provided positive opportunities for our clients to express their journey of recovery, and broader awareness of the stigma associated with addiction and homelessness.”

‘One day at a time’ was undertaken by VincentCare Victoria as part of creating a community of care and support. The hope is that that the wall will mend bridges between the community and people who are experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, and that passers-by will stop, look and reflect on the stories within the art and the personal journey that the artists have embarked on.

Key facts:

  • Quin House is a voluntary 12-week residential-based rehabilitation service for men.
  • RLAD is a voluntary post rehab-service that offers an additional 6 months of support to those who have successfully completed the 12 week Quin House program.
  • Through several months of workshops, RLAD participants collaborated together to develop the design and prose within the artwork.
  • The wall was donated by NeoMetro
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