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A single source of client information

VincentCare’s new Integrated Client Management System is a single source of truth for client information that has improved the client experience.

Single Client Record (SCR) was developed as a ‘one-stop-shop’ of comprehensive client information that can easily be accessed throughout VincentCare’s extensive network of support.

Our previous client management systems were fragmented and information was not easily shared, which meant people seeking help often had to tell their story more than once if they were accessing multiple levels of support.

Senior Practitioner Doug Harding said, “Many people experiencing or at risk of homelessness benefit from support across multiple programs, so it is essential that we build systems and work practices that make collaboration and access to services as easy as possible. The current system in place wasn’t good enough. We needed to do better.”

After three years of research, collaboration, development and testing, VincentCare launched SCR using software from Infoxchange. SCR integrates all previous client management systems for our Homelessness Services and Seniors Living into one single ‘source of truth’, improving the transparency of client records across VincentCare workgroups and programs, minimising duplication and improving the experience for our clients.

SCR has been implemented in phases. The first phase commenced in 2016 and final workgroup/clients were live in the system in July 2018. We are now beginning to realise the benefits of this significant financial and intellectual investment.

Being able to manage client information at an organisational level ensures that clients are not over assessed and that their personal information, including service history and alerts, are available to all staff providing support.

All homelessness and aged care programs are already configured into SCR, with the project due for completion in January 2019. Implementation of SCR has already achieved the following:

  • Ensuring clients only need tell their story once, minimising unnecessary duplication and stress;
  • Streamlined administrative functions (eg. induction, initial assessment and case planning for clients are consistent across programs and recorded in a central place);
  • Improved quality assurance regarding the establishment and management of client data; and
  • Real time access to client risks, alerts and vacancy information.

When the system is fully implemented, SCR reporting and data capabilities will allow VincentCare to better evidence client outcomes and increase advocacy for those who don’t have a voice. It will also provide a best-practice model for client assessment and planning for the broader homelessness sector.

“This is an important step forward for VincentCare and we will continue to improve our technological capabilities to support the crucial work being done at our Hubs and throughout the community,” said Doug.

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