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Thea's Story

I got a Passport for my son with the help of VincentCare and went back to Greece. I just want to say thank you.

I came to VincentCare when I was 17. I only spoke Greek. The police brought me to VincentCare after they came and got me from my Mum’s house and told me not to go back. I was really upset and crying because I didn’t get what they were saying much. The staff got me to talk to a Greek lady on the phone. I got to go to a motel for 3 days. I came back and talked to a work from the youth department (Young Adults Outreach Support Service). I liked the worker but had to talk on the phone all the time with a Greek person so the worker could understand.

I had a boyfriend in Greece, and we were going to have a baby, but my Mum made me come to Australia. My boyfriend stayed in Greece. I have a baby boy now. But my Mum hits me. The police even saw it. I called 000 like my friend had told me to. The police came, and that’s how VincentCare helped me.

My Mum had to leave Greece because she stole someone’s baby, just born. When the police took me to VincentCare they left my son with my Mum. They can’t do that. I was really upset. I don’t want my Mum to steal my baby.

My worker talked to Child Protection, who already knew about Mum and what she was doing. They told my worker I was caring and a good Mother. My worker got the police to help me. I was scared.

But after 3 weeks I went and got my son. I was so happy. My worker and an interpreter talked on the phone to the police while we got my son. My Mum was mad and yelling at me and the police. She said she would get a lawyer and I would never see my son again. I started to cry.

I got a Passport for my son with the help of VincentCare and went back to Greece. I just want to say thank you.

This young woman now has rights as a permanent citizen Greece. She has accommodation and family support as well as access to accommodation. Her son is thriving, and the young woman reports back to her worker from VincentCare, via email, that she is very happy.  She is looking forward to her first SAFE Christmas in a long time.

This story has been paraphrased to the first person with the permission of the client. 

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