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What is the Client Volunteer Program?

The Client Volunteer Program (CVP) provides an opportunity for VincentCare clients to participate positively in our community through volunteering. The program is a platform for meaningful and purposeful participation within the organisation and in the wider community.

CVP is funded by Home and Community Care (HACC) and utilises the Active Service Model Approach (ASM) of promoting independence and autonomy. The program provides opportunities to learn new skills, build on existing ones, develop self-esteem, foster social relationships and develop a sense of purpose and belonging within the community.
As part of the program, Client Volunteers are encouraged to take part in a range of group based skill-development workshops. Client Volunteers are also offered formal training opportunities such as Food Safety & Manual Handling.

The program is limited to 13 members who can volunteer up to 10 hours a week in a variety of roles. Roles include working in the meal service and drop in program at Ozanam Community Centre, and also external volunteer opportunities.

The two year program includes case coordination. The Client Participation Worker collaborates with the Client Volunteers to set short and long term goals. The program encourages pathways into mainstream volunteer opportunities, training, education, peer support and/or possible employment.

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