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About VincentCare

Long-term accommodation at Ozanam House

Independent living units for clients with complex needs.

Opening in March 2019, VincentCare’s new Ozanam House in North Melbourne will be a world-class, modern and safe location where people experiencing homelessness are given every opportunity to access housing, health and social support services relevant to their individual needs.

For some people, complex health and care needs may mean that long-term homelessness is a reality. VincentCare is able to support these clients over an extended period and the new facilities will provide access to accommodation and services specific to their needs.

The redevelopment will feature 24 long-term dwellings on levels seven to 10. These will be independent living units, primarily targeted to clients over the age of 50 who have complex needs including long-term physical or mental health issues, which may prevent them from finding alternate options for housing. These clients will often require additional support in terms of medical care, or support through our Home Care Packages.

These residents will come from three different streams depending on their duration of homelessness, their needs and their recovery program. Some of the residents will continue to live in the facilities through their senior years, while others will be transferred to other independent living or aged care facilities.

Long-term accommodation will be in the form of one-bedroom apartments, fitted out to a similar standard to market-based apartments and other affordable housing apartments.

They will feature small, external balconies that will complement other outdoor spaces and communal areas within and around the building. Each apartment will have a kitchen with basic electrical appliances and free-standing fridge, ensuite bathroom, storage closest and wardrobe, and bed base. Soft furnishings and other items to personalise the space will be provided by the tenant.

These apartments are designed with accessibility, comfort and functionality in mind. They will provide a good level of amenity, good ventiliation, natural light, easy access, and safety and security.

The long-term facilities will have a dedicated entrance and 24-hour access shared with medium-stay residents - this enables freedom and safety, as well as contact through the 'meet-and-greet' entrance foyer with line-of-sight welcome from staff and volunteers. Passive surveillance enables security without impeding on privacy. Residents will have the option to purchase three meals a day utilising a swipe card system, or to provide their own meals. The long-term accommodation will also have access to one large communal area with soft furnishings and other comforts, as well as a dedicated outdoor courtyard.

This living arrangement meets housing needs while offering a space that promotes dignity, stability, self-sufficiency and wellbeing. There is an emphasis on independence for day-to-day living and self-care, which encourages self-agency and provides a sense of 'home' over an extended period.

How can I get involved?

You can raise funds in your workplace, at school or through a local community event, or you can make an online donation here.