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About VincentCare

We conduct research into the social and community changes that can impact disadvantaged people.

These issues may emerge from:

  • Comments made by influential leaders;
  • Legislation changes in Local, State and Federal Governments;
  • Changes in cultural values; and
  • Shifts in resourcing and social priorities.

VincentCare undertakes research into these issues or decisions, develops conclusions and makes recommendations on the amendment of these impacts to government and other concerned authorities.

Inquiries and applications to undertake research or seek assistance for a research undertaking

All proposed research and service or program evaluation projects within or involving VincentCare must be approved by the Deputy CEO. This includes projects that are seeking data, are seeking VincentCare's assistance to recruit clients or staff into studies or would like to use VincentCare programs as comparisons with other programs for comparative evaluation purposes.

VincentCare will also provide feedback, consultative input and may also oversee any internal evaluation projects. All final reports will be approved by the Deputy CEO and signed-off by the CEO.

VincentCare also aims to ensure that our interests are protected and both research and evaluation are properly conducted for any projects in which we are involved evaluation.

For further general information please read VincentCare Victoria’s Research and Evaluation Framework.

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