Client stories

I can't talk highly enough about Quin House and what it's done for me.

For many years, Peter enjoyed a successful sales and marketing career and worked in managerial roles for well-known companies – then his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

When Mum got sick I made a decision to look after her and I nursed her right to the end. I didn’t really react to the loss and months later the whole thing just hit me. I started drinking heavily and was a complete mess.”

Eventually, Peter was hospitalised due to his blackouts and chronic depression. He voluntarily admitted himself to a detox in clinic Footscray, and from there went directly into  VincentCare’s  Quin House – a voluntary 2 week abstinence-based rehabilitation facility.

“For the first four to five weeks I just isolated myself. I’d been bought up Irish Catholic and we always kept our cards close to our chest. Two people in particular felt the anguish that I was going through and they got me to pull my head in and to get out of bed – that helped me a lot.”

“When you first come in they work out where you’re at and what you need. They’ve got holistic therapies like yoga and meditation, there’s a psychologist that you can see and the people are really great”

“I can’t express enough accolades for my case manager Darren. He’s really looked after me, and what’s always stuck in my mind is this one day when I was in the kitchen and down in the dumps, he said, “Mate you’re looking really good”, and it just gave me a real boost.”

“The peer support here works really well and the fact that other clients are sympathetic to what you’re going through, and you’re sympathetic to what they’re going through. There’s lots of characters here with different substance abuse problems, and everyone is at different stages of their recovery.”

“We all chip in and help each other and the program works because we support each other. It’s only for three months, but you become like a family … you get bonds with people.”

“I can’t talk highly enough about Quin House and what it’s done for me. Without the program I could be dead, bashed or in jail.”

Quin House

Quin House is an abstinence-based 12 week volutary rehabilitation service providng short to medium-term support for homeless and marginalised males with a subatance dependency.

Residents work with their case manager to identify the gosl and strategies necessary to support their recovery form substance misuse and move towards stable housing.

Photo is not of Peter.

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